Add a List Element


The List feature allows you to create a list of information or images on your mobile site.

Please note: If you are looking to create a bullet or numbered list, please use the formatting tools in the paragraph element.

Add List

  1. Go to the Content section and select the design tab.
  2. Drag the list element into the editing frame.
  3. Once you've placed the feature, you'll need to designate a set of items to display.


A List element can hold any number of items, but more than twenty or so may be impractical on most mobile sites. Add items by pressing the Add Another Item button and remove items by pressing the delete button. Edit each item by pressing the edit button.

  • Each list item contains a description and a button.
  • Change the link to which the button goes by pressing the link button on the list item edit pane.
  • Add an image to each list item by pressing the add image button in the list item edit pane.
  • Press the save button to save changes.



General contains the list content - You will configure the list content here such as the description, the item link, or the image.

If you wish to have no text but only pictures, simply delete the text fields and leave them blank.


Choose the layout for your lists. Each layout is different and serves a separate function. The Pop Up Text layout, for example, opens up a lightbox when an element is clicked.

Experiment with each to see which one suits you!


You can control the color and/or text style of your list here.


You can edit the padding, margins, CSS or HTML of this list element here;