Add a Share Button


Our share feature is a great way to let your visitors share your site through their social networking accounts. It currently supports sharing through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and email.


1.Start in the pages section of the editor. Select the page you'd like the share feature to appear on (you'll have the option to add it to all pages later).

2. In the content section, choose the social category and then drag the share feature into the phone shell where you'd like the share button to appear.

3. From the panel that opens you can change the button text, icon, button shape, and color, and add padding and margins to the button, there's also an option to add the button to all of your pages.

4. Once you've finished configuring your share button, you can just click "done" to finishing adding it. Whenever a user clicks the share button, a pop-up will appear prompting the user to select a social network to share to.