Backup Versions


The Backup tab allows you to create, restore, and delete backup versions of your mobile site.

Getting to the Backup tab

  1. In the site editor, click the settings gear in the upper-right.
  2. Click Backup Versions

Backing up a site

  1. Enter a backup name in the New Version Name field
  2. Press Backup My Site

Restoring a site

  1. Locate the backup you'd like to restore in the versions dialog
  2. Press Restore



New Version Name Name a new backup copy of your site. Press Backup My Site to save a version of the site under this name.
Restore Restore the site to the configuration it was in when the associated backup was created. Restoring a backup version of the site will also auto-save the current version of the site (and delete the oldest auto-save if more than three already exist).
Delete Delete a saved site configuration.