Delete a Page


The Delete Page link will permanently delete a selected page.


1. Go to "Pages"

2. Select the page

3. Select the "delete page" button in the Page Info box

Be careful when you delete a page that it's the one you mean to delete - you can't recover pages you've deleted!

Issues Deleting a Page

If you're having trouble deleting a page, the following steps will fix 90% of the issues that can arise:

1. Go to design -> layout -> customize

2. Hover over the page you're trying to delete, and press the "Change Link" button (looks like a chain)

3. Select "Click to Call" from the radio button menu

4. Enter a random phone number (this can be anything)

5. Press Done

6. Reload the editor (shortcuts are ctrl-R or command-R) 

7. Follow the above directions for deleting the page in question. You should be good to go!