Edit Pages Overview


The Pages section gives you easy access to change and modify your mobile website's content.  Quickly adjust page settings, add new pages, edit page elements, or add new features to a page.

Select page

Select a page from the list on the left side of the screen.  Click the eye icon to hide a page from the navigation menu.  Drag and drop items to change the page order.  Drag an item to the right to make it a child-page.  Click the Add Page button to create a new page.

Hide page

You can remove a page from the navigation menu, without deleting the page, by clicking the eye icon to the right of the page.

Page Info

Select an icon for the page from the dropdown.  Click the chain icon to edit the page link.  Use the text box to edit the Page Title.  Click SEO & Page Settings to adjust more detailed settings for this page.

Add Content

Add new features by dragging them directly onto the mobile website.  Sort features by clicking on one of the filters, Popular, Business, Design, or Social.

Inline Editor

The Inline Editor shows a live preview of your mobile website as you edit and make changes.  Move page elements by dragging and dropping them on the page.  Click on an element for options to edit, expand the selection, copy, or delete the element.