I'm Being Redirected to the Wrong Homepage


This issue sometimes happens when the converted URL is slightly different from the actual homepage URL of the website.

For example, if you converted example.com, but when you go to example.com on your desktop browser when the page is done loading the address bar says something like example.com/index.html this is most likely the issue you're running into.  To solve the issue all you have to do is let our system know all the URLs it should identify as the homepage. 


1. In the editor go to the pages section and click on your homepage (it will most likely be called "Home").

2. From the Page Info section, click on SEO & Page Settings.

3. From the pop-up, choose the Templates option.

4. Click Manage.

5. Click Add New Rule.

6. Choose how you'd like to set the URL rule up (if you're unsure choose "matches exactly").

7. Enter any additional URLs that you'd like us to identify as the homepage of your site. Do not delete the URLs that have already been added to our system. Simply add the new URL.

If you're unsure about what the URL is, you should be able to find it by going to your site on a desktop and after the page is done loading copying the URL that's in the address bar and pasting it into the URL field here. 

8. Click done, and republish your site when you're ready to push all of your changes live.