Missing navigation after site conversion


The platform automatically pulls in content from your Desktop site, but sometimes certain content will appear to be left out.  This can happen when the content is incompatible, or when the navigation menu is converted incorrectly.

Incompatible Content

Certain content types, like Adobe Flash, Iframes, or complex JavaScript are not compatible.  

Incorrect Navigation Menu

During import navigation links are changed into mobile friendly buttons.  Part of this process involves removing some of the original formatting.  If too many links are identified as part of your navigation menu, some or all of your pages content will be hidden.

To fix this issue follow the steps below to select the correct navigation:

1.  Click the Design tab at the left.

2.  Click the blue Customize button.

3.  Go to the Settings tab in the Navigation Menu Editor window.

4.  Under "Not your navigation?" click "Select from your site".

5.  Select you navigation menu by clicking on it and the clicking the + and - to increase and decrease the selection.