Page Settings (General)


The General tab of the Page Settings menu displays the desktop URL the page was converted from.  You can also reset the page or disable its Auto-sync with the original website.

Getting to the General tab

  1. In the site editor, Click Pages
  2. Select a page
  3. Click SEO & Page Settings
  4. Click General


Page Type Converted from: The corresponding desktop URL for the mobile page Created From Scratch: This page was created from scratch. It does not have synchronization or reset options.
Always Sync with Desktop Site Toggle whether the published mobile page automatically synchronizes its contents with the desktop page. On pages from scratch, this option is replaced with an option to toggle whether the page opens in a new window.
Sync Page Check the page on the desktop site for new information and import it into the mobile page in the editor. This option does not appear on pages from scratch.
Reset Page Discard all changes made to the page and re-convert the page using the desktop site URL. This option does not appear on pages from scratch.