Set up Custom Mobile Website URL


To do this, you need to enable the custom URL in the editor, then access your domain provider and create a CNAME record that points to  This article covers both steps, but for specific instructions check with your domain host.


In the Editor:

1. In the editor, go to the Go Live step then choose Redirect

2. At the bottom of the redirect page, check the checkbox next to the text which reads Setup an URL

3. Enter your custom domain and click Go

With your hosting provider:

These general instructions will work for most web hosts.

  1. Login to your domain host. This is usually where you purchased your domain from.
  2. Find the domain management section
  3. Edit the DNS records of your site. This is sometimes called: Advanced DNS settings, DNS Zone Editor, Domain Name Settings or something similar.
  4. Once editing the DNS records, you will want to create a new CNAME record with the following settings:
    1. Host/Alias: m
    2. Destination/Target:
    3. TTL: 14400 (This option is not always asked for, if they request it, place 14400 in)
  5. Save the settings you just made
  6. Wait... DNS changes can take up to two days to fully go through, as they must propagate across the internet, but most of the time it happens within 30 minutes.