Add a Mobile Map Element


The Mobile Map button allows visitors to tap a button to open your business's location using their device's maps application.  Visitors can then quickly get directions to your address from their current location.

Add Mobile Map

  1. Go to the Content section and select the business tab.
  2. Drag the Mobile Map feature into the editing frame.
  3. Once you've placed the element, you'll need to designate a location to guide your visitors to.2017-04-18_1521.png


The Mobile Map feature requires only an address and a label to work. Keep in mind that the more information you give it, the better it will be able to pinpoint your actual location.


  • The Mobile Map widget sometimes has trouble finding a specific address. If it can't find your business, the best solution is to search for your business on a mapping site (for example Google Maps or Mapquest) and copy your location's link into a button element.
  • If you have multiple locations, consider using the Multi Location feature instead of multiple Mobile Map element.


Each Mobile Map element has the following display options:

General Change the button's text and the address to which it sends the visitor.

Change the button's icon.


Colors: Change the button's background color, image, and border.

Effects: Toggle shadow, rounded corners and whether to show an icon for the button.

Text Style: Change the button's text style.


Spacing: Set the height, padding, and margin of the element.

Alignment: Set the alignment of the element (left, right, or center).

CSS: Change the element's CSS

HTML: Change the element's HTML