Add Constant Contact


The Constant Contact feature integrates directly with your Constant Contact account to place an opt-in form on your mobile site.  Customize the form fields and choose which Constant Contact list to connect to.

Adding the Constant Contact feature

  1. From the pages section of the mobile website editor, first choose the page you'd like your button to display on.
  2. Go to the Content section and select the business tab.
  3. Drag the Constant Contact feature into the editing frame.
  4. Once you've placed the element, you'll need to log in to your constant contact account.

Setting up the Constant Contact feature

To set up your Constant Contact feature, log in to your constant contact account, then use the Add New Field button to create additional form fields. Each field includes a drop-down menu with the options First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number, and can be set to required or not (Except the email field, which is always required).

Changing the Constant contact feature's look

Each Constant Contact element has the following display options:


General: Change the form's title, email, and submit button text as well as add additional input fields

Email Settings: Change the form's thank you, error message and/or to what page the form sends the visitor after it is submitted.


Color: Change the background color or image, text color, and border of your selected tab.

Shape: Change the button's shape and toggle whether it has a shadow.

Text Style: Change the text style of your selected tab.


Spacing: Set the padding and margin of the element.

CSS: Change the element's CSS.

HTML: Change the element's HTML.