Add OpenTable Restaurant Reservation Button


Allow visitors to make reservations at your restaurant right from the mobile site.  The OpenTable feature adds a reservation button that connects with your existing OpenTable account.  If you don't already have an account withOpenTable you can sign up for one here.

Add OpenTable

  1. Go to the Content section and select the business tab.
  2. Drag the OpenTable feature into the editing frame.
  3. Once you've placed the element you'll need to add your restaurant ID for visitors to use it.


The OpenTable button requires a restaurant ID to work. You can get this ID from OpenTable.


Each OpenTable element has the following display options:

General Change the button's text and the restaurant ID.

Change the button's icon.


Colors: Change the button's background color, image, and border.

Effects: Toggle shadow, rounded corners and whether to show an icon for the button.

Text Style: Change the button's text style.


Spacing: Set the height, padding, and margin of the element.

Alignment: Set the alignment of the element (left, right, or center).

CSS: Change the element's CSS

HTML: Change the element's HTML