Basics: Setting up your domain


Your site's domain is like its street address; it lets other people find it. Setting up your site domain is for this reason very important in making sure that people can visit your site.

Getting Started

For your site to show up at any domain, you first need to publish it. We have a guide to publishing responsive sites you can use to get this done.
Choosing a Default Domain
While publishing your site, you'll be asked to choose a domain, or to change your site address. This option lets you set the default domain of your site, which means it'll let you choose an address with a generic domain at which you can see your site.

Customizing your Domain

To fully customize domain, your site needs to be published under a Business+ plan.  Once you've upgraded, you can choose what custom domain you want to use in the site settings area:
  1. press 'Site URL & Secure Connection'
  2. press 'Change Site Address'
  3. press 'Use a domain you already own'
  4. enter the URL of the domain you already own (include www before the domain name).
  5. press save
Once you've done so, your custom domain will be configured in our servers. To get the site live, you still need to tell your domain host to send visitors to our servers. To do so:
  1. Create a CNAME record in your domain host with the values:
    host: www
  2. Create a 301 redirect from the base domain (without a www) to the www domain (, for example, if your domain is

Most domain hosts have instructions for this in their help centers, but if they do not, you can ask your domain host:

"Can you please / How can I create a CNAME record for my domain with the values:
host: www
and also can you please / how can I create a 301 redirect from the base domain (without a www) to the www domain ( URL so that my visitors are sent there appropriately."

If your domain host can't create a 301 redirect

If your domain host does not have the ability to create 301 redirects, we have a workaround you can use instead.

Create an A record with the values:
host: @

Please note that this workaround will not work for sites with HTTPS, so if you need your site to have HTTPS, you will need to make sure your domain host can create a 301 redirect.

I've followed these steps but my site still isn't live!

CNAMEs can take up to 48 hours to propagate, so your website will not usually show up immediately at its custom domain. Generally if your site isn't showing up after 24 hours, however, something is probably wrong. To figure out what's going on,

  1. go to and enter your site's full address (with www) into the text area, then press search
  2. If you see red X's, or do not see to the right of each location, this means that either the CNAME record was not set up correctly or the domain host is not propagating. 
  3. First, check that the CNAME is set up using the instructions under the customizing your domain section.
  4. Take care to check whether the domain host you set up this CNAME in is actually hosting your domain; in some cases a domain host will let you set up records even though they aren't hosting the domain.
  5. If everything is set up correctly and you've waited 24 hours, but your site is not showing, please contact your domain host to ask what could be the matter