Choose inSite Action


Actions are the part of your site that will display or change when activated by a trigger.

  • Add a Row
  • Change the Background
  • Add a Special Effect
  • Execute Custom JavaScript

Add a Row

The Row action adds a row to your site which can contain elements. By default, a row element contains one of the following elements:

  • Coupon
  • Contact Form
  • Click to Call
  • Online Scheduler
  • Facebook Like Button
  • Maps
  • Video

Once you've chosen which elements to use, choose a layout:

inSite Layout

Choose the layout of the elements that will appear on your website when your InSite is active and the page on which they will appear.  Use the dropdown to select a page, and scroll through the list of layouts to find one that meets your needs.

Select a page for the inSite to appear on from the dropdown.

If you'd like to change the action, including adding or removing actions from this inSite click the Change action link.


Click next to customize this row further, in inSite Editing Mode.

inSite Editing Mode

You have the option to choose elements that are displayed in your inSite row, move the row, or hide other rows on the page.

Customizing Elements

You will be editing a single row, that will only be displayed to site visitors when your selected trigger is activated.

You can add or remove elements to this row.  Click the "red X" to delete an element, and drag new elements in from the Add Element area of the left-sidebar.

Move inSite Row

To move the special inSite row, click the move icon in the upper left corner.  Then drag the row to your desired location on the page.

Hide Rows

You can also hide other rows on this page while the inSite is active.  Just click the hide icon on any row.

Click Done when you are finished making changes.  To return to the choose layout screen instead, click cancel.

Change the Background

Change the background of your site based on the inSite trigger, this can apply to your homepage or the entire site.

Add a Special Effect

Add a special effect to your site based on the inSite trigger, this can apply to your homepage or the entire site.