Color Picker


The color picker allows you to select a color for an element or background. You can select a color using the color dials, enter an RGB value, or enter a hexadecimal color value.

Pick a color

  • Select a site color. These are colors that are used elsewhere on your site or detected from the site you're converting.
  • Select a recent color. These are colors you've used recently.
  • Select an opacity. This will determine how transparent the color you're using is.

Use the color wheel

For more advanced color options or to select a precise color, use the color wheel.

Use the color dials:

1. Select a value from the hue slider on the right slide

2. Select a tone from the tone box in the center

Enter an RGB value:

1. Enter a number (1-255) into the R, G, and B text boxes.

Enter a hexadecimal value:

1. Enter a hexadecimal value (111111-FFFFFF) in the hex (#) text box.

Once you've selected a color, press Done to apply it.

Recent Colors 

When selecting a color, colors that have recently been used in the site will appear in the Recent section so that they can be easily retrieved if they are needed in another part of the site.