Edit Page Link


Change the way the mobile website links to a specific page or content.

Accessing Edit page link

1.  Open the Pages section of the editor.

2.  Select the page you'd like to edit.

3.  Click on the Edit page link icon in the Page Info area of the editor.

Change Link Name

Enter the desired text to display on the button that links to this page.

Enter website URL

Enter the URL of the page you would like the button to link to.  Any URL you enter will automatically be converted and a mobile version will be displayed.  If you do not want to convert the page check the box next to Don't mobilize this link. 

New page you created

Select a page you have created from the drop-down.  If you have not created any new pages click Create New Page.

Create Click-to-Email or Click-to-Call

If you would like the button to link to an email address or start a phone call, choose the Email Address or Click to Call option.  Enter the desired email or number and click done.

Troubleshooting and FAQ's

Can I have more than one page with the same URL?

Yes, you can - However, editing either of those pages will edit all pages which use the same URL. If you need to have a duplicate of a page, simply create a page template of the page first, then apply that to another page. After the template is applied, edit the page and choose "edit this page".

How come "Do not mobilize this page" isn't working?

Sometimes, especially when you're linking to other pages of your site, even if you set "Do not mobilize this page" it will be mobilized or the link will not work. This is due to the redirect script. To fix this issue, add ?no_redirect=true like the image below;

When I click to edit the page link, it's blank and won't save

If you are unable to edit the page link, it's probably because the page on your site is giving an error. To fix this issue, first turn off auto sync for this page in SEO & Page settings. After you have done this, you should be able to edit the page link.