New Dashboard Domain


Set the domain of your dashboard. Your clients will use this domain to see their login, dashboard, editor and preview pages. You may either use the provided generic sub-domain or set up your own custom domain such as or

Accessing Dashboard Domain

  1. Go to your dashboard, you must be logged in
  2. Hover your mouse over White Label, then click Custom Domain


  1. Click on Dashboard Domain



Using the default domain

The default domain will allow you be up and running right away. Simply enter the sub-domain you would like to use and click save. Some popular sub-domains are "edit" and "my."


Using the custom domain

The custom domain, will allow you to use a URL based on your own domain. Using the instructions provided, you will need to create a CNAME record.  Once you have chosen your sub-domain and created your CNAME record, click on verify and then save.


Default Domain Setup your branded domain using the default domain
Custom Domain Create a custom domain based on your own domain