Images and Content


The website builder has the ability to upload or import all of your sites content into the images and content. As you can imagine, building a site requires importing content and using that content to build out the site. With the images and content, you can import all of your content in one step and then use that content as you build out your site. Think of it like DropBox, where all of your content lives and as you need it, you find it and insert it into the site. The idea of the DropBox, where all of your content lives and as you need it, you find it and insert it into the site. The idea of the images and content is that it separates the uploading/importing of content and makes it all readily available as you build out your new website. Any new images or files you add will also be added to the images and content automatically. To learn more about how to import content on a page-specific basis see the Pull & Import Content support article. 

Importing Content

When you create a site with the website builder, you are normally presented with two options:  1) You can import content from an existing site on the web or 2) start with a new template with no import. With the images and content, this is no longer a choice you need to make, as you can import content after the site is created. If you have not imported content yet, you will see the option to import content:

This will take you to a pop-up that asks for you to input an existing website for Facebook Business page: 

After you input an existing website or Facebook business page, we will attempt to gather content about the site. This is very similar to the import process that is performed when creating a site and choosing to import content. The system will visit the website online and gather information about the website (phone numbers, addresses, etc.). Additionally, it will check on social networks for more information about the website/business. All the results will then be displayed:

Once you click save, all of this content will be added to the images and content. You will see the imported images show up inside of the image picker and business information show up inside of the business information section of Images and Content:

Now, as you build out the site you can start using this data to populate fields. Phone fields will auto display phone names and adding a map will now have the locations of the images and content available by default:

Manage Images

Inside of the manage images, you will see all images that have been added to the site. The image manager is divided into four main categories: Images Your Site, Facebook images (if site builder detected a Facebook Business page), Stock Gallery (provided by the site builder), and images you've edited or uploaded to the site. 


Manage Files

You can also use the images and content to upload files directly to the site. You can upload: PDFs, Docs, Powerpoint, Excel spreadsheets, zip, text, XML, psd and mp3 files. Upload all your files at once then link to them as the site is built out. 

Business Information

Add the business information related to your website.  When you fill this out, we are able to automatically insert your information into relevant elements as you add them to your site, such as phone numbers, Facebook links, etc.

Updating Business Information

One of the most useful features of the images and content is the ability to update Business Information that is already used on the site. When you update business information on the site, a message will appear:

 This will update that information where it is used across the site. For example, if you have one phone number for a business and want to update it across the site, but have used it in multiple places, you normally would have to update that phone number every time it is used. If you update it from the images and content, it will update all instances of where that phone number is used. 

Editing Your Business Profile

The 'Edit Business Profile' section of the images and content allows you to create several blocks of text, which can then be added to pages on the site with just the click of a button. There are 3 default paragraphs, 'About us description,' 'Company Overview,' and 'Business Services,' but you can always add a custom paragraph in addition to those. 


Once you have the paragraphs filled out with your information, you can easily add the paragraph to a page. To do this select the page you want to add the paragraph to, and then click 'Add a paragraph.' This will create a new row, and add that paragraph to the top of that page. You can move the row to a different part of the page if you want.

Find and Replace

The 'Find and Replace' section is one of the more advanced and powerful sections of the images and content. With this section, you can search for information which was added to the site and replace it with updated information. For example, if a business moved locations you could easily scan the site for the old address, and then replace it with the new address. 

Once in the Find and Replace section, you can see there are several areas of information which can be updated with this feature. First, it will have you decide on location information, and then take you through phone, email, and social media information. 

It gives you information on which page it found this information on, and how many times this information was found on the site.

It shows you what the information currently is, and gives you a drop down menu for selecting new information to replace the old information with.

Once you have selected which content you would like to replace the old content with, you have some options for how to replace the content. You can replace all instances of the old content, replace the content individually per page, or choose to ignore replacing the content. If you choose to 'ignore' replacing the content, then the old content will not be updated.

Once you have finished choosing how to replace content for a particular section, then you will be automatically taken to the next type of content you can find and replace. When you are done, click 'finish.'

Content Collection Form

The content collection form lets you send a link which will take the user to a page in which they can fill out a form with information about the business associated with the site. You could send this to a client, have them fill out the necessary information, and once they submit that information will automatically be added to the site's images and content. To get started simply click on the 'Content Collection Form' section, copy the URL and send the URL to the person who will fill out the form. You can also check the box for disabling the form once it has been submitted. If you upload your logo in the Custom Branding section it will appear on your Content Collection Form. 

Once the form has been submitted you will see a notification alerting you to this from within the site's editor.