Increase your SEO


The platform has several features built-in to increase your site's SEO: Responsive design, customized user experience, speed, and a vary HTTP header.

Truly Responsive Design

Our sites work using smart responsive design. This means that we keep as much of the content on the site as possible the same from device to device and simply change the way that content is presented depending on the device. It also means that our sites stretch to fit devices of different sizes, so whether you have an iPhone, a blackberry, an iPad, an android tablet, a pocket PC or prefer to browse on a movie theatre screen, our sites will try to change shape to match! SEO-wise, responsive design is google's #1 recommended configuration, and your users and search engines will always see the same URL when they visit your site.


Our sites keep content usable on all platforms. This improves your users' ability to navigate and view content on your website, which in turn improves the likelihood that when a user clicks on your link, they'll stay there. Search engines keep track of which sites people stay on and which people leave immediately, boosting popular sites to the top of the search results.

Site-Specific Content

While the platform uses classical responsive design (that is, uses stylesheets to change the appearance and format of content instead of changing HTML) for much of its content, responsive design can sometimes mean long load times as a mobile phone attempts to download an image or feature better suited for desktop sites. For this reason, when you hide content from one device in the platform, our sites don't simply hide it, they don't serve it, meaning you can have a leaner, faster mobile experience and still put as much content as you like on the desktop and tablet versions of your site.


Our sites load fast. How fast? You can test your site's speed using page speed insights, and our tests show that for the quantity of content in our sites they rate quite well and our development team is constantly working to improve our site's loading time. Faster loading speed increases your SEO by improving visitor engagement, retention, and conversions. 

Vary HTTP Header

Our sites implement a vary HTTP header. This header tells search engines that content will differ for different devices, both assuring that they know and give you credit for having a multi-device site and that they aren't confused by differing information on different versions of the site.