Using the Default Domain (

What Is a Default Domain?

This is the address where people will find your website online. You can have the default domain be any available sub-domain of  For example:

Note: There is an advantage to using a custom domain over using the default domain. A custom domain will make it easier to find your site when using a search engine.  If you are looking to have the site under your own domain, please see this article regarding using a custom domain.

How to Use the Default Domain

Setting up a default domain is very simple, to do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Within the editor go to the "Site Settings" option on the bottom of the menu on the left.
  2. Click on the submenu "Site URL."
  3. If you already have a URL setup, then you will have to click on "change site URL"
  4. Select the radial button for "default domain"
  5. Simply type in whichever sub-domain you would like to use. 
  6. Click "Save"

Advantages of Using the Default Domain

The primary advantages of using the default domain is that it is easy to implement, and immediately live. The setup for the default domain is very quick and easy, because all it requires is inserting the sub-domain you wish to use, and then pressing publish. The default domain will also be live immediately after you press the publish button, so that visitors can go to the site as soon as it is published.