Add Yelp Reviews


Positive reviews of your business can help boost the confidence of new potential customers.  The Reviews feature automatically displays your most recent Yelp! reviews on your website.

Add Reviews

  1. Click the Add Element section of the left sidebar and scroll to the business tab.
  2. Drag the reviews feature into the editing frame.
  3. Once you've placed the element, you'll need to enter the address of your Yelp! page.

Set up your Reviews

1. Click the Reviews element and press edit.

2. Enter the address of your Yelp! page in the "Enter your Yelp URL" text box.

3. Press the search button.

4. Your business reviews will be automatically imported. If there is more than one search result, select your business from the list.

5. Press done.

Change design

You can change your Reviews'  look with the following display options:

General Change your Yelp URL.

Color: Colors: Change the background color, image, and border.

Text Style: Change the element's text style for text, date, and reviewer.

Shape: Change the element's shape and toggle its shadow.


Spacing: Set the padding and margin of the element.

CSS: Change the element's CSS.

HTML: Change the element's HTML.