Blue Host


This article will teach you how to setup your custom domain records for Blue Host to attach to your new site. This will allow your visitors to go to or to access your website. You will have to own your own domain

Steps to follow

  1. Login to your Blue Host cPanel from the Blue Host home page.
  2. In the cPanel, scroll down and find the Domains section.
  3. Find the DNS Zone Editor
  4. Under 'Add DNS Record' place the following information in:
    1. Host Record: www
    2. TTL: 14400
    3. Type: CNAME
    4. Points to:
  5. Click Add Record.
  6. Go back to your Blue Host cPanel.
  7. Click The Redirects icon under the Domains section.
  8. Add the Following Redirect:
    1. Type: Permanent (301).
    2. Select your Domain in the drop-down list (e.g. leaving the text field to the right blank.
    3. redirect to: (e.g.
    4. For www. redirection, select "Do Not Redirect www".
  9. Click Add.

Common issues

Wait! Creating CNAME records might take up to 24 hours to fully propagate. While Blue Host is usually very quick, the site will not be immediately available at the newly created records.