Build your own inSite


While our pre-made inSite rules are convenient, you can also choose to build your own custom inSite.  Choose from a variety of triggers and actions to fit your business needs.

Building your own inSite

  1. Press Manage
  2. Press New inSite if the inSite select menu does not appear.
  3. Press Build your own inSite.
  4. Select a one or more triggers. Be careful, the more triggers you add, the less users will see the inSite. Press Next.
  5. Customize the trigger(s) you’ve selected. Press Next
  6. Select an Action to display, you can only use one Action per inSite. Press Next.
  7. Customize the Action you selected. Press next.
  8. Name your inSite. Check the appropriate boxes for in you want to have the inSite display once per visitor or not, and if you want to publish the site now. Once you are ready Preview and Save your inSite.

Once you've activated this inSite, when someone visits the site and the trigger conditions are met, your selected action will appear for that visitor.