Choose a Template


There is a large selection of great looking templates to choose from.  It can be intimidating to choose a template before you've even started building your site, but don't worry you can change to a different theme later.  For now, just choose a template that looks good.

Preview a template

1. Mouse over a template and click the preview button.

2. The preview shows how your site will look on desktop, tablet and mobile.  Like what you see?  Click the Start Editing button in the upper-right corner to get started building your site.

Use a template

1.  If you know which template you'd like to use, mouse-over the template and click Use Template.

2.  To import your content into this template, type in your current website URL and click Start with URL.

3.  If you don't already have a website to import content from, click Start with a template to begin building your site.