Customize Color Palette


Use the color palette to select or change your global site colors. The colors you set here will affect your entire site, but you can still override them by making changes on individual pages.

If you want to customize your navigation's colors, you can do so here as well by clicking "customize navigation".

Change colors

Click on  a color to open the color palette and select a new color.

Color Guide

Each color palette affects a different set of elements. Here's a list of which elements each palette affects:

Header Background background of the header (top section)
Site Background background of the body (everything below the header)
Text on light background text displayed when using a light background
Text on dark background text displayed when using a dark background
Navigation navigation menu background
Navigation label navigation menu text
Links hyperlink text
Widget button elements added to your site

Customize navigation color palette

The navigation color palette is located in the navigation options. In the Customize Color Palette menu, click Customize Navigation to edit the navigation color palette.

General Navigation All the navigation items (besides the selected page)
Selected Page The selected page - The page that the user is currently on

Sub Navigation

The sub page which shows up when there are sub navigation items
Sub Navigation Selected Page The selected page in the sub navigation