eCommerce: Getting Started


The store allows you to sell various products on your site. This is a guide to setting up your store the first time.

Creating your store

To create your store, press the Manage Store button from the main editor menu, then select the type of store you'd like to add. The store will then create itself and prompt you to visit its control panel.

Setting up your store

From your store control panel, the StoreFront creation wizard will appear. This wizard will help you configure your store. Press Let's Go to get started.

Adding products to your store

To add products to your store, add a product name, price, and image for each product, and press the 'Add more' button to add more products to your store. Press Save when you're done.

Localizing your store

For your store to work, you need to provide units of currency and weight for your products. The default is the U.S. dollar and kilogram, but you may wish to change these to better suit your location.

Setting up your shipping

If you're selling physical goods, you'll want to set up shipping for your store to make sure your customers pay you for the cost of shipping. If you aren't selling physical goods, you'll want to disable shipping for those products.

Setting up payment options

You need a way to get paid! By default, PayPal and Stripe are the simplest ways to let your customers pay you, but we also allow a huge variety of other payment methods. Press PayPal or Stripe to select a payment method, or press Advanced payments setup if you want to use a different method.

Place Test Order

Here's where you can see how your store works. Pay close attention when placing a test order so you know what your customers can expect when they try to purchase from you.

Finishing your store

Once you've gone through each step to set up your store, press the Finish Store button to start selling! You can always come back to this page to edit your store's settings after you've created it.