Edit inSite Trigger


Triggers are conditions that will cause an action.  inSites is able to use many conditions as a trigger including:

  • Device - Is the visitor accessing the site from a desktop, a tablet, or a mobile phone?
  • Location - The visitors location based on their IP address, this is accurate down to the zip code level. Please note that because this uses the visitor's IP address, VPNs and IP masking services will cause it to be inaccurate.
  • Time - Time of day, day of the week, month, etc.
  • Number of Visits - How many times has a visitor been to your site?  Is it the first time, the third time?

Triggers can also be combined, like device and location.  An example of this would be, if a visitor is accessing the site from a mobile or tablet, AND is in a specific location.

Customize Trigger

You can customize both the trigger and the action of an inSite rule.  After selecting a rule, the trigger will display allowing you to make changes.


The time trigger allows you to select a time your inSite will be active on your site.  Click a date to open the calendar.

If you would like to choose a specific time of day for the action, uncheck the All-day box, then click next to the date to open a time menu.

If you would like this inSite to reoccur in the future, select daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly from the drop-down menu.


Select which devices will display your action, choose from desktop, tablet, or mobile.


If you would like your inSite to appear only to visitors close to your business, the system can determine a visitor's location based on their IP address.  This location is accurate to the zip-code level.  Just enter your business location's city or zip code.

Number of Visits

Choose to display an inSite based on the number of times a visitor has been to your website.  Select to display for first-time visitors, or enter the number of visits before the InSite is activated.

Change Triggers

While editing the triggers, you can quickly choose to add or remove triggers by clicking the Change trigger(s) link at the bottom of the editing panel.