Edit Text


Change the font, color, alignment and style of text using a small, in-editor interface.

Editing Text

  1. Select the text you'd like to edit
  2. Click the Paragraph editor
  3. Choose Edit Text

  1. Add any styles (Bold, Italic, or Underline) you like
  2. Set the text's color
  3. Set the text's size
  4. Set the text's font
  5. add any necessary links
  6. To close the Text Editor, click the X on the right

Troubleshooting, tips & tricks

My text isn't saving any changes

That means there's an issue with the encoding. To fix this issue it is recommended you delete the element and recreate it if it's not too much trouble.

If there's a lot of content, you should copy the content into a text file so you can paste it back in easily.

I want to edit the HTML

To access the HTML, click the element and edit design instead - Then go to the "More" tab where you can edit the HTML.