Facebook Albums


Showcase your images from Facebook on your site! Images show up in a gallery where your visitors can quickly see both the number of images and the number of likes.


Add Facebook Albums

  1. Go to the Add Element section and select the social section.
  2. Drag the Facebook Albums feature into the website.
  3. Once you've placed the feature, a  Facebook page import albums from.

Set up Facebook Albums

The Facebook Album feature automatically imports images from the Facebook page you link it to. 

1. Add a title to your Facebook Album.

2. Enter a Facebook page URL.

3. Select which albums you'd like to display


4. Delete any albums you don't want by clicking the delete icon.

5. Add any new albums you'd like by pressing the add another album button.

6. Move albums into place by clicking and dragging, or switch which albums are being displayed by using the drop-down menus.

Change Design

You can change your Facebook Album's look using the following display options:

General Change your album title text, color, and visibility, change which Facebook page the album links to, and change which albums from that page display (1-15+)

Colors: Change the background color, image, text color, and border of your Facebook Album.

Effects: Toggle padding between thumbnails and set the number of visible rows.


Spacing: Set the padding and margin of the element.

CSS: Change the element's CSS

HTML: Change the element's HTML