What are inSites?

inSites are a great way to add personalization and business logic to your website.  They enable you to change images, text, calls-to-action and backgrounds on your website automatically. These actions only happen under certain conditions that you define, such as a visitor's proximity to your business, how many times they’ve visited, time of day and more.

What are Triggers and Actions?

At its core, an InSite is just a way of defining a condition, and which action will happen when that condition is met.


Triggers determine who will see the inSite and when.  InSites are able to use many conditions as triggers including:

  • Time - Time of day, day of the week, month, etc.
  • Device - Is the visitor accessing the site from a desktop, a tablet, or a mobile phone?
  • Location - The visitors location based on their IP address, this is accurate down to the zip code level.
  • Number of Visits - How many times has a visitor been to your site?  Is it the first time, the third time?

Triggers can also be combined, like device and location.  An example of this would be, if a visitor is accessing the site from a mobile or tablet, AND is in a specific location.


Actions are the part of your site that will display or change when activated by a trigger.

  • Display coupon
  • Display map
  • Display contact form
  • Change background

Trigger + Action = inSite

When you combine triggers and actions, you can make your website do some pretty neat stuff.  See some example inSite rules below:

  • If the time is 4pm,  display a coupon.
  • If the visitor is nearby, display a map.
  • If the visitor has been to the site 3 times, display a Facebook Like button.

Adding inSites

1.  Click Manage inSite on the left sidebar.

2.  Click New inSite or Get Started.

3.  Choose an inSite from the list.

4.  Edit the trigger and click Next.

5.  Choose a layout for the action and click Next.

6.  Customize the action in inSite mode.  This row will only be shown when the action is triggered.  Customize exactly how you would like your action to display.  You can also move the row, or hide other rows on this page.  When you're finished click done.

7.  The final step is to Preview and Save your inSite rule and publish.  Click Preview to see what your site will look like with the inSite activated, check the box to publish and click Save inSite to add it to your site!

inSite Status

inSites are shown in the Manage inSite section of the sidebar.  inSites that are not active are grayed out, while inSites that are active appear in bold.

You can activate or deactivate any inSite by clicking the settings gear, and choose the activate/deactivate option.

Your site will need to be republished for changes to go live.

Preview inSites

You can see what your site will look like with your inSites activated by using the preview tool.  Just click the play icon next to the inSite you'd like to test in the Manage inSite menu.