Manage Customer Permissions


User permissions control the level of access that staff and customers have to the platform.  You can define which features individual users can and can't access.

Please note: This feature is only available for Pro customers.

Customers are given access to each site individually.  This means a customer can have different permissions for each site assigned to them. You can only assign customers to sites that have been purchased.

Edit Current Customers

Select a site to see the customers with permissions relevant to that site.


Click the pencil icon to edit the customer's permissions, or the X button to remove the customer.

Add New Customer

Select a site from the dropdown and click the Add Customer Button.

Check off the permissions you would like to grant the customer, then click the create button.

The customer will then receive an email with a link to login to your white label platform.

Additional Considerations

Please note, there are different features and permissions for the Responsive Website Builder and the Mobile Website Builder.  You will see the options available for the type of site you are selecting to share.

Any new features will be added to the feature list, but permission to access the features will not be enabled automatically.  As the account owner, you will have to grant your customers permission to use the new features.