Manage Staff Permissions


Staff members have access to all sites in your Pro account and are assigned permissions based on which group you place them in.

Manage Staff

Click on a group to see its members.  A staff member can only be assigned to one group.

Click the edit button to change staff details, or change group assignment.

Click the delete button to remove a staff member.  Please note, a staff member that has been deleted will no longer be able to login or access your Pro account.  If you want to re-assign staff member to a different group, make sure to use the Edit feature instead.

Add Staff

Click Add Staff to enter details and assign a permission group for your staff member.

Adding Multiple Staff Members

Click the plus button to add multiple staff members, one at a time.


You can also upload a CSV of staff members by clicking the Upload CSV link.

The CSV must be in *.csv format (not *.xls), and should have three columns; email, firstName, lastName.  See example below.

email firstName lastName John Doe Jane Doe Bob Smith

Stats Access for Staff Members

A staff member that wants to get stats emails for a specific site can do through the stats tab.


Permissions are controlled at the group level, to see a group's permissions, click the view/edit button.  (Permissions can only be edited for custom groups)

For information on creating a custom group, click here.