Manage User Permissions


User permissions control the level of access that staff and customers have to the platform.  You can define which features individual users can and can't access.

Please note: This feature is only available for Pro customers.

Accessing Permissions

Permissions can be accessed from the Clients dropdown, and clicking on Client management.


Customer Permissions

Customers are given access to each site individually. You can only assign customers to premium sites (that have been purchased).

Manage Customers

Select a site to see the customers with permissions relevant to that site.  For more details on managing customers click here.


Add Customers

Click the Add Customer button, then enter the customer's details and select the permissions to give the user.  See Customer Permissions Details for more info.

Staff Permissions

Staff members have access to all sites in this account and are assigned permissions based on which group you place them in.


Staff members are organized into groups, and permissions are set at the group level.  For your convenience, we have role-based groups with predefined permission levels ready to assign your staff members to.  However, you can always create a new group with a custom set of permissions.

Manage Staff

Click the Staff tab to see a list of staff members organized by group.  You can edit a staff member's group, or remove a staff member.  See Manage Staff Permissions for more info.

Add Staff

Click the Add Staff button to add a new staff member.  Enter the details and select a group for the new staff member.

Create Group

Click the Create Group link to create a new staff group.  Select a group name, color, and permissions then click Create.  See Staff Permissions Detail for more info.