Managing page structure


The Manage Pages section of the sidebar contains a list of all the pages in your website.  You can add, move, hide, and delete pages using this list to always ensure that your navigation options are in exactly the order you need them to be. 

Adding new pages

1. Click New page in the upper-right corner of the sidebar.

2. From the pop-up editor that appears, choose the type of page you would like to create.  Alternatively, you may select a page from your original site to import.

Reorganizing Pages

1. Move your cursor over the desired page, then simply drag and drop to the desired location.  To make a sub-page, drag the page underneath and to the right of its parent, as shown below.

Changing a page's settings

Click the gear icon on the right of the page button to open up its settings menu.  From here you can duplicate, hide, or rename a page, change its icon, or adjust its SEO Settings.


Rename the page in your editor. This is to make it easier to manage or refer to your pages in the editor.

Hide in Navigation

Hide this page in the navigation. It will still be accessible via clicking on a link or visiting the page directly - This will simply hide it from the navigation menu.


Duplicate the page. This duplicates scripts, content and everything else within the page.

SEO and settings

You will find all the settings for SEO and more.

This is also where you will change the page URL.

Delete Delete a page here. Be advised that once you delete a page, there isn't any other way to get it back (unless you've created a backup).

Troubleshooting and FAQ's

I can't change the page URL - Says page already exists

You can't have duplicate URL's. To troubleshoot this issue, first, try to navigate to the page URL by typing it in the address bar.