Pull & Import content


The key to building a great website is the content that is contained within it. Pictures, descriptions, explanations all must be useful and relevant to the visitor. The editor helps you in numerous ways to get new content into your website. This guide will help with each tool.

Pull Content

From any paragraph within the editor you can click and Pull Content from any website on the internet.


After clicking on Pull Content you will see a browser like window. You can put any website in the address bar and then use the hover selector to pull content in. 1.jpg

 Click 'use this' over the highlighted content to pull in content from this website. It will overwrite any content that you previously had in that paragraph. 

Importing images

The editor has a great way to import images into your site. When ever you are adding an image or replacing an existing one, you will see the image selector:


Click on the upload new image, this will bring up the image importer. You can drag images from your computer into here or import from numerous sources on the web, such as Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, & Dropbox.