Responsive Website Editor Overview


Welcome to the responsive website editor, the best way to quickly upgrade your site to a multi-screen world! Our editor's interface has three main sections: the menu bar, the sidebar,  and the content area. Each of these sections plays an important role in letting you make your website as awesome as possible.


Menu Bar

The menu bar allows you to quickly navigate your site, both by moving between different pages and by moving between different device views. Just click a page to view it, or click a device to see how your current page looks in that view.

The menu bar also lets you undo or re-do simple actions in the editor, save your current site, and preview or republish your site whenever you like.

Side Bar

The sidebar is where all of its elements hang out until you're ready to use them. Here you can find tools to edit almost anything on your site.

The sidebar allows you to make broad, sweeping changes to the entire site, for example, change its color scheme or button design in the design tab, it allows you to add new features and elements with the add element tab, it lets you change your pages' configuration in manage pages, and lets you make administrative changes, for example, change the site's URL or add analytics, in the site settings tab.

Content Area

The content area is all about you. It's your canvas, where you can move or add any of our features, or click and edit to change them however you'd like.Want to change an image? Click it and press edit, then change. Want to color some text? Click a paragraph, then select the text inside it and press the text editor's color option to choose a color. Want to delete a button? Just click it and press delete.

In-editor help

If you're ever curious about what something does in the website editor, just press the gray question mark button at the top right of almost every screen.

This will bring up our in-editor support to help you get your bearings and figure out what a feature is for or what you can do with it.