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View your site's status here: Its subscription type and whether it is published, unpublished, or needs to be republished. Add a Favicon and/or a home screen icon and look at the "Site Footer" area.

Site URL

Alter your site's URL, un-publish your site, or share your site through Twitter, FaceBook, or with a direct link. Read more.

Analytics & Tracking

Add your Google Analytics account to the site so that you can track visitors.Read more.


Manage your site's global Search Engine Optimization[SEO] description and keywords. Read more.

Site Backup

Create a backup version of the site, or use an existing backup to return to a previous version. Read more.

Header HTML

Modify the HTML for the global head section of the site. Read More.

URL Redirect

Add 301 redirects to any URLs that formerly had content. Read more.

List of settings

General View the site's status and account type, set favicons and home screen icons, and set the site's footer language.
Site URL Set your site's URL and unpublish or share the site.
Analytics and Tracking Add a Google Analytics account to the site.
SEO Set your site's description and keywords.
Site Backup Make, restore, or delete backup versions of the site.
Head Section Modify your site's CSS for one or more devices.