Use your own domain (

What Is a Custom Domain?

This is the address where people will find your website online. You can set this address to use any domain which you own. For example:

What Do You Need to Set Up a Custom Domain?

  1. You will need to own your own domain.
  2. Have the domain registered with a company that allows DNS record modification and domain forwarding or 301 redirects to be applied to the core domain that doesn't have www. or any other prefix. 

How to Setup your Custom Domain

Setting up a site with your own domain is a one-time setup.  The Process for getting your domain associated with your site is going to be different for each Domain Host. Follow these steps to setup your domain:

  1. To connect your domain: login to your domain host provider, visit the domains section, edit the DNS records and create a CNAME record with the following settings:
    Host/Alias: www
  2. Go to the redirect section in your domain hosting area and redirect the base domain (without www) to the URL.