Pro Custom Branding


Brand your responsive and mobile website preview tools and user login with your logo and company colors. 

Accessing Pro Custom Branding

  1. Go to your dashboard, you must be logged in
  2. Hover your mouse over the White Label menu
  3. Click on Custom Branding


Using the Editor


Clicking on the image or the wrench icon next to it will let you choose a file on your computer to upload as your icon. The max resolution of this logo image is 43px by 227px (height x width). The trash can icon in the same area will remove the logo entirely.

Colors and Background

You can also change the colors associated with the page text, links, buttons and the header within your white labeled portal. Simply click on the color next to one of the options and select a color. It is important to note that some of these colors will only effect some of the sections of your portal. For instance, there are no text, link, or button fields in the preview sections of your portal, thus those sections will not give you the ability to modify the colors associated with text, buttons, or links. 

For the sections labeled Responsive Site Preview and Mobile Site Preview, there is an additional option for setting up a background image. To add an image, simply click on the icon of a wrench. Please note that if you set a background image, then it will override any background colors you may have set.

When selecting any of these colors, there is also an option to click "More Colors" and use the color palette or enter a hex value to select any color you please.

The preview frames

In order to preview how these settings will look when someone actually sees the live pages you can choose from the six tabs available.

Each tab will load a preview of a different page with the customizations you've made applied to it. The pages are:


Where your clients log in to their dashboard


Where your clients view their sites and stats

Responsive Site Editor

Where your clients edit their sites

Responsive Site Preview The preview link you send your clients
Mobile Site Editor

Where your clients edit their sites

Mobile Site Preview The preview link you send your clients

When everything looks the way you would like it to make sure you press the orange save button to lock in your changes.