Adding Google Analytics


Adding Google Analytics to your Website provides another way for you to track Website statistics, in addition to our built-in statistics.


To add Google Analytics to your Website, follow these steps:

  1. Click Settings in the left menu and then click the Google Analytics tab.addgoogleanalytics_1_en-US.png
  2. Enter your Google Analytics code. addgoogleanalytics_2_en-US.png
  3. Press the return key(Enter) to confirm.


Because your Site already has statistics through your dashboard, it is not usually necessary to also track statistics through Google Analytics. This option is provided mainly as a convenience to users already familiar with Google Analytics, or who specifically require Google Analytics.


I'm getting an Invalid Google Analytics Account error

This means your Google Analytics account is invalid, misspelled, or you are using the wrong code. The code should start with UA and be followed by a string of seven digits, followed by a short string of additional digits.