Photo Editor


Using the Photo Editor, you can make a great number of changes to an image, from applying filters to adding text or pasting on stickers. Quickly edit images on the fly within the Website Builder without having to rely on expensive third-party software.


Click on an image on your Website to open up the Content Editor.photoeditor1_en-US.png

Click the Edit button.


Edit the image. Click Save when changes have been made.photoeditor3_en-US.png

Editing Images

The Photo Editor tool has nine categories of changes it can make: Orientation, Effects, Focus, Frames, Draw, Stickers, Text, Brightness and Crop. Listed below is each category and a short guide to using it to edit your image.


  1. Make changes to the rotation or mirror.
  2. Click Apply.photoeditor4_en-US.png


  1. Select an Effect.
  2. Click Apply.photoeditor5_en-US.png


  1. Select a shape.
  2. Click on the area of the image where you'd like the focus to appear.
  3. Use the focus shaping tool to alter your focus's size and orientation.
  4. Click Apply.photoeditor6_en-US.png


  1. Select a Frame.
  2. Click Apply.photoeditor7_en-US.png


  1. Select a color using the Color Picker.
  2. Select a Brush Size.
  3. Draw on the image with your cursor.
  4. Click the Eraser to erase any brush marks.
  5. Click Apply.photoeditor8_en-US.png


  1. Select a sticker.
  2. Click and drag the sticker to the desired location.
  3. Click and drag bottom right button to alter the sticker size and orientation.  
  4. Click the X button above your sticker to remove it, or click another sticker to add more stickers to the image.
  5. Click Apply.photoeditor9_en-US.png


  1. Select a color.
  2. Select a font.
  3. Click in the text tool and type to enter text.
  4. Click and drag the arrow button on the bottom right of the text tool to alter your text's size and orientation.
  5. Click the X button above the text tool to remove it.
  6. Click Add Text in order to add another text box.
  7. Click Apply.photoeditor10_en-US.png


  1. Move the brightness slider left to decrease brightness and right to increase brightness.
  2. Click Apply.photoeditor11_en-US.png


  1. Use the four circles surrounding the surrounding the image to custom crop.  Or choose one of the crop options (eg: Original, Square, 3:2, etc.) if you do not wish to custom crop.
  2. Click Apply. photoeditor12_en-US.png



When you use the photo editor to edit an image, a copy of the image is saved. Thus, you will be able to access the original image as well as the edited image. To find the edited images, navigate to the Photo Gallery, then click the Uploaded tab. Edited pictures will be saved as uploaded pictures.