Predefined Sections


Predefined Sections are pre-built rows of widgets for you to add to your site. You can use these custom sections to build rows without having to drag and drop widgets manually. Use predefined sections to quickly create and fill a row with content.


Click Widgets on the left menu. Click Sections. Choose from the section options.predefinedsections1_en-US.png

Click and drag the desired section into your Website.predefinedsections2_en-US.png

Once the section has been placed, customize as you like! predefinedsections3_en-US.png


Section behavior

Each section creates a new row of content within your site. You cannot place Predefined Sections inside of an existing row or column. However, once you have added a section you can add or remove content from the new row.

Section types

There are ten section types, each made up of different widgets:

  • Image & Button: Three columns, each with one image and one button widget
  • Image & Text: Two columns of text surrounding an image widget
  • Contact Us: A map widget and a contact form widget
  • Background Image & Button: Single row with a background image and a button widget
  • Basic Text: Three columns of text widgets
  • Image, Text & Button: Single row with image, paragraph and button widget
  • Basic Image: Three image widgets
  • Social: A Twitter feed, social icons widget, and a Contact Us widget (text and a button)
  • List: Three columns, each with an image, a button, and text widget
  • Footer: A map widget, a social icons widget, and a Contact Us widget (text and a button)
  • Text & Button: Single row with small title, paragraph and button widget
  • Background, Text & Social: Single row with background image, paragraph and social media button widget