Class size error


The Class size error means that the size of columns in the indicated row does not add up to 12. On each column inside of a site, you will see sizes such as small-12 or large-6. These sizes tell the system how big each column should be. If you alter the columns incorrectly, they will appear incorrectly, so the system ensures that you set them correctly.

How can I fix this?

Change the columns in the indicated row to add up to 12. You could have two columns with a size of 6, three columns with a size of four, or one column with a size of 10 and one with a size of 2.


The following row declaration will throw this error:

class="content"><divclass="dmRespRow dmHomeTopContent dmImgCoverRow"id="1486644331">
class="content">  <divid="dmHomeTopContent"class="dmRespColsWrapper clearfix">
<div class="dmRespCol large-6 medium-12 small-12" id="1988464973">
It can be fixed by changing large-6 above to large-12:
class="content"><divclass="dmRespRow dmHomeTopContent dmImgCoverRow"id="1486644331">
  <divid="dmHomeTopContent"class="dmRespColsWrapper clearfix">
 <divclass="dmRespCol large-12 medium-12 small-12"id="1988464973">