Site Comments



Site Comments is a collaboration tool that enables you to give clear, accurate feedback about your site, quickly and easily. You’ll save time by adding your comments directly on the site as you review it - no need for screenshots, emails or text messages. Your comments will be easy to understand and accurately resolved because they'll be seen right on your site, in exactly the right place.

Add comments

You can add comments on any element in your site.

  1. To add a comment, click the plus icon         add_comment.png   on the right panel.
  2. Comment anywhere on the site by clicking on an element. Hovering the element will help you position the comment on the exact location you want. The more accurate you can be, the easier it is to address your comment.
  3. Enter your comment in the input field. When done, click Submit.

Considerations about adding comments:

    • Your designer will be notified by email after you add, respond, or resolve comments.
    • All comments appear on all device views (desktop, tablet, mobile). If your comment is specific to a certain device, mention that in the comment.
    • Store/blog comments are displayed on all store/blog pages. Please make sure to specify exactly what you are referring to.
    • Image slider comments are displayed on all slides. Please make sure to specify exactly what you are referring to.
    • The location of a comment cannot be changed, so if you’ve placed a comment on the wrong element, simply delete it and add a new one in the correct location.
    • If you know your designer is working on the site as you are making comments, make sure to to refresh the site regularly, to sync the changes. 

Reply to comments

You can reply to comments via the comment itself or in the comments log. Here’s how:

  1. Open the comment you want to reply to.
  2. Click the comment text field, or click Reply in the comment log, and enter your reply. You can also add an image as a comment by clicking on the image icon in the bottom right corner of the comment field.
  3. When you’re done, click Submit.


Edit/delete comments

You can only edit or delete comments that you created.

  1. Open the comment you want to edit/delete.  
  2. Hover the comment to reveal the more icon   3dots.png   and then click on the icon.
  3. Click Edit or Delete.

Note: Deleted comments cannot be restored and are not displayed in the comment log. There is no undo for edited comments.


Resolve comments

To close a comment that you’ve made, click the Resolve button in the upper-right corner of the comment. The comment will move to the resolved comments in the comments log, and the comment bubble will be removed from the site.

Resolved comments can be reopened if needed.


Comments log

The comments log is where you can see all the site’s open and resolved comments. The log is a great place to check if there are still open comments on the site or whether the designer has finished working on the site and resolved all the issues.

To view, click the log icon   log_icon_unselected.png   in the right panel.

  • Clicking on the comment in the log will navigate you to the exact location where the comment was made on the site, so you won’t need to look for it.
  • You can filter comments by page or by whether they are opened or resolved.
  • You can search for comments based on keyword or comment number.
  • You can reopen a resolved comment by clicking on the button with the check mark in the top-right corner.

Hide comments

A site can look a bit busy when it has lots of comments. If you want to hide the comments while you’re reviewing the site, click the hide icon   hide_comments.png   in the right panel.

To unhide the comments, click the icon again.

Email notifications

You’ll receive an email notification when you make comments on your site and when your designer adds, replies to or resolves comments. This way you can track the progress of the site, go back to it if your designer has any questions, and see how issues that you’ve commented on have been resolved.


  • If you delete an element with a comment (for example, a widget, column, row or page) the comment will be deleted as well and will no longer appear in the comment log.
  • Setting your profile picture: If you want your image to appear alongside your comments, add your image to Gravatar, a service that fetches your email profile picture.