Import Blog from RSS Feed

You can import blog posts to the new blog platform from a site via an RSS Feed.

Note: You can also upgrade the old blog to the new blog platform via another process. For more information, see Upgrade to the new blog.

Validating the RSS Feed

Requirements for a valid RSS feed:

  • The RSS feed URL must be in a valid URL format
  • There cannot be non-supported characters in the posts URL, which includes EN characters, numbers and supported special characters (only ASCII characters)
  • There are several ways to present the content of your blog post. To ensure a valid RSS feed, you must include the full content and not just a summary
  • There are no more than 300 posts in your RSS 

We recommend validating your RSS feed prior to importing. The Responsive Website Builder uses W3C for import process validation. You can check your RSS Feed here:

https://validator.w3. org/feed/

Import Process

  1. From the editor, navigate to Blog and select Import Blog.
  2. Enter a valid RSS feed (see Validating the RSS Feed above).
  3. After validating the RSS feed the import process begins. This may take a few minutes, during which you can continue to work on your site (both on the blog or publishing the site).
  4. When the import is done, you will be notified (you will also be notified if it fails. If it does fail, the entire process fails, not just the problematic post. The failure message will have information about what failed).
  5. (Optional) Review the imported posts.
  6. Publish all the imported posts.
    Note: the option to publish all posts at once is only available during the import session. After refreshing or closing the editor you will only be able to publish one post at a time. If you accidentally lose the option to publish all posts at once, you can restore a backup of the site and start the process again.


  • Due to performance issues the maximum number of posts you can import via RSS feed is 300. If your blog contains more you should limit the RSS accordingly.
  • A backup of your site is automatically created prior to the import process. If you restore a backup to a version prior to the RSS import the posts will be removed.