Cómo configurar

1. Create a new 2Checkout account.

2. Enable this payment method in StoreFront.

  • Sign in to your StoreFront Control Panel.
  • Go to the "System Settings → Payment" page. Change the Payment Processor value of the "Credit Card" payment method to "2Checkout". Save the changes.
  • Click the [Account Details] link near this payment method. A popup will appear. Copy your "Approved and INS URL. Save it somewhere.

3. In the 2Checkout Vendor Area

  • Open the Account → Site Management page and set the option "Return Method" to "Header Redirect".
  • Set "Approved URL"to the value you got at step #2
  • Go to the Notifications page and set the Global URL to the value you got at step #2. Press "Apply", then click the "Enable All Notifications"button.

4. Return to the StoreFront control panel.

  • Go to the "System Settings → Payment" page.
  • Click the "[Account Details]" link near the 2Checkout payment method.
  • Set your 2Checkout Secret Word and Account number.
  • Set the Supplier display name. (usually your company or store name) More details: www.2checkout.com/language_guidelines.html
  • Save the changed and enable this payment method.

I've enabled the demo mode in 2Checkout account settings, but it doesn't work.

Make sure that the Account Demo Settings located in the 2Checkout backend → Site Management page is set to "Parameter".

Possible values of this option are:

  • On: Using this setting all sales will be treated as demo, regardless of any parameter value.
  • Off: Using this setting all sales will be treated as live, regardless of any parameter value.
  • Parameter: Using this setting a demo parameter sent to the purchase routine will control the demo setting.

Please use the "Parameter" value.

How to find this option: after you have logged in to your 2CO account you will first need to click the Account tab, and then click the Site Managementsub tab on the Account page.

I get the "Order # has failed: MD5 signature does not match" error

The MD5 error means that you have not configured the same Secret Wordin the StoreFront Control Panel ( System Settings Payment Payment Methods Account details near 2Checkout payment method ) and in the MD5 value in 2Checkout backend. These values must be the same.