American Express(Amex)

How to set up Amex in StoreFront

1. Register a merchant account with American Express if you haven't yet.

In order to accept credit card payments from your customers, you need an Amex merchant account. You can find more details on creation of a merchant account and apply for one here:

2. Setup your Amex merchant account In Amex merchant control panel

Before implementing Amex into your store, you first have to set up your Amex-account:

  • Login to your Amex-account.
  • Open the "Admin → Operators" tab and create a new Operator:

  • Find the Operator's API password in the Operator's control panel. For that, login as an Operator (log out and log in using the created operator's ID) and find an API password. It's on the Admin tab under Integration Settings:

If there is not a generated password, click the 'Edit' button and generate your own password (please ignore the Password 2 field):

  • Copy the API password and save it somewhere.

3. Setup an Amex payment method in your StoreFront Control Panel

  • Go to your StoreFront control panel. Open the "System Settings → Payment" page.

  • Change the "Payment Processor" value of a payment method to "Amex". Save the changes.

  • Click the Amex`s "Account details" link. Enter the following details there:

Merchant ID (refers to the American Express Merchant ID that you are provided with after creating an Amex account)

API password (you got it on the step #2 of this instruction)

Transaction type (select 'Authorize and capture')

  • Guarde los cambios y active este método de pago.

How to test Amex integration in my store?

To access your Test Profile, simply use the Merchant ID associated with your Test Profile. All Test Profiles will begin with TEST, followed by your American Express Payment Gateway Merchant ID, for example if your Payment Gateway Merchant ID is 1234567890, your Test Profile will use TEST1234567890 . Additional information for testing you can find in the Amex Testing Guide