Combinaciones de productos


The "Product combinations" feature allows you to set a separate image/price/SKU/quantity/low stock notification for each set of product options. When this set of options is selected, StoreFront will always use the values(e.g. image) assigned to the combination instead of the base/default ones.

Product combinations can be used in a ton of different ways. Just to list a few:

  • Realizar seguimiento del inventario por opción (inventario basado en opciones). Por ejemplo, puede tener una camiseta disponible en las tallas “S” y “L”, y entonces puede tener un inventario separado para cada talla. Así, por ejemplo, si la talla “S” se agota, sus clientes aún podrán comprar la talla “L”. Esta característica será particularmente útil para los comerciantes que venden ropa.
  • Assign different images to your options. When a customer selects an option, StoreFront will update the product's main image. This will allow your customers to instantly see what they are going to buy and what the option looks like.
  • If your options affect (raise/lower) your product price, the product combinations feature will allow you to update your product price on the fly. Your customer will be able to see the new price immediately right on the product details page.
  • Assign different weight to your options. If you use options to sell products in different packs or bundles, then your shipping methods will return more accurate rates.

This feature is only available with the 2500 product store plan, so it’s an awesome reason to upgrade your account!


Can I set same SKUs for a product and its combinations?

StoreFront allows you to set the same SKUs for a product and its combination unless the combination's stock differs from the base product's one. In other words, if you set a different in-stock quantity for a combination, you'll have to set a different SKU for it. We are basing this logic on a reasonable presumption that if a combination has its own inventory, it is treated like a separate unique item, so it should have a unique SKU.

If I use product combinations to assign separate SKUs to different options, will that additional SKUs be included into the product number limit for my account?

StoreFront limits the maximal number of the products you can have in your store. However, those numbers do not include SKUs from product combinations: you can have more SKUs than your plan limit totally when using combinations, only the number of base products is limited. The combination with a separate SKU does not count as a separate product, only the base product itself does.