How to setup USPS online shipping rates

1. Log in into your StoreFront Control Panel. Go to System Settings → Shipping page. Click 'Add new shipping method', select 'Carrier-calculated' shipping type, then choose USPS.

2. Choose the USPS shipping services that you are going to use in your shop.

3. Click the Account details link to configure the shipping method. StoreFront offers two options to use online USPS rates:

Use our default account (easy and fast way)

Your StoreFront shop will be connected to USPS through our USPS merchant account. Choose this option if you want to start getting USPS rates right away.

Click Settings to unfold additional settings for this shipping method:

  • Parcel dimensions
  • Package size
  • Domestic shipment first class mail type
  • International shipment mail type

Use your own shipping account (advanced way)

If you already have a merchant account with USPS, you should enable this option. We recommend choosing this option if you would like to receive more rates and services that can be available for a personal merchant account.

In order to get live USPS rates, you need to register at USPS Web Tools and get an ID:

After you receive your ID, ask USPS to switch your account to the live mode.

Once you register, submit your USPS Web Tools User ID at Account Details.

Click Settings to choose additional settings:

  • Package size
  • Domestic shipment first class mail type
  • International shipment mail type
  • Standard USPS rates or online rates - select 'Discounted online rates' to receive USPS rates and services available for your USPS account
  • Parcel dimensions

4. You can test the shipping method by pressing "Test" button. If the settings are correct, the test will return 'Test succeeded'.

5. Save the changes and enable this shipping method.

Troubleshooting & questions

Do I need USPS password?

No. USPS doesn't require a password to get rates from their servers.

I've enabled USPS but still cannot see the rates.

Most likely your USPS account is in test mode, so you cannot get live rates. Test accounts don't work with live USPS servers.

You should ask USPS to switch your account to the live mode. After that, the rates will appear.

USPS may send you the following email:

"Thank you for contacting us. The test logs under your UserID do not show valid test requests. We are unable to move your account to the production server until a valid test request is received. If you are using third party software, testing is not required. However, you must provide us with the name of the software you are using. We can then update your account."

You don't need to test your USPS account. Just tell them that you're using third party software called StoreFront.

You can also reach them at 1-800-344-7779.