Cómo configurar

First, you will need to register a ClickandBuy account. Visit ClickandBuy site to sign up:

You should select the second sign up option: MERCHANT WITH SELF-PROGRAMMED SOFTWARE.

The payment setup process consists of two parts.

1) Setup your ClickandBuy account:

  1. Log on into your ClickandBuy account (through the 'Login' link in the upper right corner) and open “Configuration”.

  2. Follow the instructions under 'Create Settlement Account'.

  3. Enter 'DefaultProject' and setup your own project:

  • Choose a Project Name.
  • Copy Project ID and Shared Secret Key, as these values will be needed in the next steps.
  • Set “API Version” to “V_1_1_0”.
  • Set “MMS Push URL” to STORE_ID is your store ID). You'll find your store ID in StoreFront control panel, at Dashboard.

4. Enter Events Configuration and copy Shared Secret; it'll be needed in the next steps.

5. Save the changes.

2) Changes in StoreFront control panel:

  1. Go to StoreFront control panel. Open System Settings → Payment page.

  2. Under "Payment Processor" for any payment method, click 'Change' link and select "ClickandBuy". Click 'Apply'.

  3. Go to 'Account Details' next to ClickandBuy. Submit the following ClickandBuy credentials:

  • Merchant ID - The Merchant ID assigned to you by ClickandBuy. It's available on all pages of your ClickandBuy account, at the top right corner.
  • Project ID - type in the Project ID you obtained on the above steps
  • Shared Secret Key - enter the Shared Secret Key you obtained on the above steps
  • Merchant Messaging Service Shared Secret - the value of 'Shared Secret' field obtained in your ClickandBuy account at Configuration->Events Configuration

4. Save the changes and enable this payment method.

5. Click 'Save'.


For technical support at ClickandBuy, please contact

For non-technical account support (such as VAT-ID or bank account concerns), please contact